creatively Celebrating an ART-full life!

    BIG Announcement!
My first poetry chapbook, Poetic
Progression, co-authored with Beth Turner Ayers is now available on Amazon Prime! Plus, I created my first zine celebrating recovery from Covid and newfound courage to THRIVE!


a bit about me:


I am a creative dreamer and adventurer who grew up to be a performance storyteller, writer, poet, book author, conceptual artist, and perhaps most aptly, "Oopsy Annie".   

Oopsy Annie, the joyful wanderer in our "oopsy" world vlogs are available on Youtube.


I learn through the creative process of doing, playing, experiencing. So of course, I make rascally oopsies - lots of them! This allows me the freedom to pursue my dreams trusting the gained knowledge that even oopsies can, and often do, lead to moments of absolute innovation. Plus, new ideas. Wisdom.

Ways of doing (that fit my skill set best).

More and more creations!

My prolific, creative life is celebrated and made manifest through my life's calling to be a "story sharer". Everything I do and make is a form of communication, a dialogue of sorts, with the outer world and you.

Email: annstoryart@gmail.com

Email: oopsyannie@gmail.com


I am an active member of the following, which provide me inspiration and ongoing, creative growth!

  • North Forty Storytellers

  • Tejas Storytelling Association

  • Poetry Society of Texas

  • Cafe Bohemia Writers Group