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Extend Your Storytelling with Arts: Let Creativity be the Main Player!

  • Include all learners using multi-disciplinary approaches to awaken imaginations, engage active participation and encourage teamwork! 

Crafty Resources That Inspire Creativity

Playing with squishy clay is fun! My favorite air-drying clay is Modal Magic by Crayola. There are homemade clays that provide good, creative fun too. Here are a few of my favorites.

       Click on the PDF to the left.

Books, Books, Books!

(Ahem, and a few websites too.)


Draw and Tell Books

  • Frog’s Riddle & Other Draw and Tell Stories by Richard Thompson

  • Draw-And-Tell: Reading * Writing * Listening * Speaking * Viewing * Shaping 

by Richard Thompson

  • Chalk in Hand: The Draw and Tell Book by Phyllis Noe Pflomm


A Few of My Favorite Books for Kids about Creativity 

  • The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Dalwalt

  • The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

  • Ish by Peter H. Reynolds 

  • The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires 


Paper Folding & Cutting Stories

  • Paper Stories by Jean Stangl

  • The Usborne Book of Origami

  • Story-Gami: Creative Origami Using Folding Stories by Michael LaFosse & Richard Alexander


Doodle Art for Transitioning Between Stories

  • Craft a Doodle: 75 Creative Exercises by Jenny Doh

  • Doodle A Zoodle: Oodles of Animal Doodles by Deborah Zemke


My Favorite Big Kid Book about Creativity

  • The Creative Habit: Learn it and use it for life by Twyla Tharp


Recommended Websites

*****http://meusenotes.blogspot.comNotes From the Story Room Blog. A super site with all kinds of excellent material great for young listeners!


***** Pinterest site. Check out these boards for ideas: Doodle-e-O’s, ChildART, Costumes and Masks, StoryART, Me Love Origami

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