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         Oopsy Annie- 

  Joyful wanderer in this             "oopsy" world!

Oopsy Annie-17.png

Wander along with Oopsy Annie, joyful wanderer in this “oopsy” world, as she searches out unexpected discoveries, startling sights, and surprising moments that birth sudden bursts of joy from the unanticipated. Plus,loads of inspiration for creative writing and art making!


Watch and discover how oopsies can enhance your life in the most marvelous and playful ways. Oopsy Annie is an extremely curious, optimistic creative who loves conducting discovery quests. Joyfully, she celebrates encounters with nature and intriguing people. (Oopsy Annie finds all people intriguing!) Highly multi-disciplinary herself, she is fascinated by the creativity of others. Nature’s art and people’s art inspires, brings gratitude and births joy within Oppsy Annie. She knows breakthroughs, innovation and yes, especially invention, are almost always born from oopsies. Lots of oopsies. So many oopsies! Let us fearlessly wander, wonder, and embrace oopsies together!
Kuna Cave.png

  Love all life

    around you.

  Be inspired.

  Be grateful.

Birth JOY!

Oopsy Annie-35.png

When not wandering, I make "oopsy" art.
Here are a few paper mâché, fiber, whatever it is that sparks my interest, examples.

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